Sale of Business

The sale of your business is a complex undertaking. To maximize value, you need to be prepared to invest your time in the process, ensure the business exceeds expectations and solicit interest from a deep market of buyers. At Whitehorn, we will help you get prepared and find the best buyers, freeing you up to focus on the business at this critical time. We need to understand your business, what makes it successful and get real time feedback from potential buyers before asking you to engage us. This pre-engagement work is one of the many things we do differently at Whitehorn to add value to your transaction.


Businesses with aggressive strategic and financial goals need access to well structured capital. Whitehorn maintains close relationships with local and international firms including institutional and high net worth investors, venture capitalists, private equity investors and subordinated and senior lenders. These relationships give us a distinct advantage when raising capital on behalf of our clients. We will work with you to identify the right financing solution, matching you with investors or lenders who share your vision and understand your business’s challenges and opportunities.


We customize our acquisition services to guide you through the transaction process as efficiently as possible. Our services can include: target identification, pricing and valuation, negotiations, transaction management, financing, due diligence and closing. We have decades of proven experience supporting Western Canadian businesses through acquisitions in a variety of capacities.

Management Buyout

When contemplating buying the business you manage, there are a lot of questions without answers. Whitehorn’s professionals have been involved in management buy-outs from the beginning of their careers. We can get you and your management team the answers regarding valuation, structure, financing and how to close the transaction.