Whitehorn Q1 2019 Poll

1. In the past 12 months, did your firm’s sales increase at a greater, lesser or the same rate as the previous 12 months?
2. Over the next 12 months, are your firm’s sales expected to increase at a greater, lesser, or the same rate as the past 12 months?
3. Over the next 12 months, are you expecting to spend more, less or similar amounts on capital expenditures?
4. Over the next 12 months, is your firm expected to hire additional personnel, maintain your current number of employees, or reduce personnel?
5. Compared with 12 months ago, have your concerns over skilled labour availability increased, decreased or remained the same?
6. What do you perceive will have an impact on your business in the next 12 months? Check all that apply.
7. In the remainder of 2019, does your firm plan to engage in a merger, acquisition or sale?

Our professionals hold the highest qualifications in the sector.  We offer a unique depth of knowledge in capital markets, transaction processes, and business valuation.  We can confidently search for opportunities and quickly and efficiently allocate additional resources to expedite your transaction process,
freeing you to run your business.