Whitehorn Quarterly Poll

As Q4 2018 ended, federal equalization payments and Alberta separation began making headlines, partially fueled by comments from Quebec’s Premier. For our inaugural survey, we ask our network to weigh in on this topic. Results will be posted in next quarter’s Industry Reports. If you’re not signed up to receive these industry-specific publications on transaction activity, financial performance, and trends, be sure to head to our News page to subscribe!

Who will win the next federal election?
Who will win the next Alberta provincial election?
The majority of Albertans would support a referendum to renegotiate Alberta's place in Confederation, specifically on equalization payments and pipeline access to Eastern and Western markets.
The majority of Albertans would support separation from Canada if equalization payments and pipeline construction/access issues are not resolved to their benefit.
Would you care if Alberta voted to separate?
Do you believe any single province should receive 66% of equalization payments?
Do you support both West Coast and East Coast pipeline access for Canadian oil and gas?

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