Whitehorn Merchant Capital Inc. assisted the shareholders of
CSM Compressor Supplies and Machine Works Ltd. (CSM) to sell to
Burckhardt Compressor Holding AG (Burckhardt), a worldwide
market leader for reciprocating compressors systems headquartered
in Switzerland.

Whitehorn contacted several strategic investors, private equity funds and family offices from across North America and internationally on behalf of CSM. The marketing effort resulted in many groups submitting letters of intent outlining their interest. In the end, Burckhardt’s proposed offer was successful. A key component of this transaction was the ongoing role of long-time staff and management of CSM. Burckhardt differentiated themselves through their support of the existing team at CSM.

CSM Tombstone.png

CSM is an established machine shop and repair service
provider, specializing in reciprocating natural gas
compressors. The founder and owner of CSM passed
away in 2013. Since that time, management has
operated the business on behalf of its Trustees. A key
factor was the continuing opportunity for management
of CSM to experience greater opportunities that will
be provided by Burckhardt.

Whitehorn provided the following services to CSM:

  • Prepared a detailed information memorandum outlining the business of CSM, its key operational attributes and its historical performance;
  • Contacted a targeted list of strategic buyers, family offices, and private equity funds across North America and Internationally;
  • Assisted CSM through the due diligence process, working extensively with both management of CSM and of Burckhardt to complete all necessary due diligence in a timely manner; and
  • Worked with legal counsel for both CSM and Burckhardt to navigate through the legal and transaction closing processes, including post closing adjustments.

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