Whitehorn Merchant Capital Inc. advised the shareholders of Corpen Group Inc. (“Corpen”) on the sale of Corpen to Global Public Affairs Inc. (“Global”). Corpen is a privately held consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta. Corpen provides consulting services with a focus on managing corporate reputation and communication strategies during crisis situations.

Corpen Tombstone.png

The shareholders of Corpen were approached by Global Public Affairs Inc. regarding a business combination involving the two companies. Prior to formal discussions, Corpen’s shareholders engaged Whitehorn to assist with the valuation, negotiation and due diligence matters related to the transaction. Whitehorn created business valuation analyses of Corpen and Global to assist with the negotiation of the terms of the transaction. Whitehorn also assisted with most aspects of the transaction including review of legal documents, due diligence and review of the new unanimous shareholders’ agreement. Whitehorn was able to negotiate fair and reasonable consideration for its client, including significant cash at closing and enhanced participation in the growth of Corpen over the next few years.

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