Whitehorn Merchant Capital Inc. assisted Alberta Midland Railway
Terminals Ltd. (“AMRT or the Company”) to raise $25 million to
fund the development and construction of a railcar logistics facility
in Lamont County, Alberta.

Whitehorn contacted private equity investors, strategic investors
and lenders from across North America on behalf of AMRT. The
marketing effort resulted in numerous groups declaring their interest
and conducting due diligence. In the end, one lender and four equity
investors emerged to fund the transaction.

AMRT Tombstone.png

AMRT is constructing a railcar logistics facility to serve
the local industrial manufacturing and processing
facilities which are active in the use of rail to transport
petrochemical, oil and gas related products,
agricultural products, materials, chemicals and various
other commodities.

Whitehorn provided the following services to AMRT:

  • Prepared a detailed but concise information
    memorandum that accurately portrayed the
    opportunity and the investment characteristics.
  • Contacted an extensive list of strategic, private equity
    investors and lenders from companies and banks
    across North America.
  • Developed a customized financial model that considered
    short and long term investment horizons and adapted to
    various changes in management’s assumptions.
  • Assisted management navigate through the legal
    and transaction closing processes.

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