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Management Buy Out

Whitehorn works with clients to facilitate management buy-outs. Acting as independent advisors, we provide expert advice on all things related to the transaction from negotiating the sale/purchase price, financing the buy-out, structuring the transaction and providing financial due diligence. The result is a mutually beneficial transaction for both parties.

If you are a senior manager in a private business based in Calgary, you may have the opportunity to acquire this business or another business you know well. Whitehorn helps you understand if such a transaction makes sense. Prior to any formal commitment by you and your team, we evaluate the opportunity you’re considering and provided you with key insight into what hurdles you will face. Our individual advisors offer solid business advice.

The management buy-out is an intricate series of transactions requiring experience and skill in each of these areas:

  • Valuing the business to be bought
  • Structuring the transactions
  • Negotiating the buy-out
  • Facilitating discussions with the seller
  • Providing due diligence review
  • Financing the buy-out
  • Financing future growth
  • Accessing other professional advisors

All these significant steps need to be meticulously executed in order to ensure success.


Our focus is to assist private business owners and management teams to navigate complex business transactions, and deliver solutions to fit their professional needs.
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